intersection_all(geometries, axis=None, **kwargs)#

Returns the intersection of multiple geometries.

This function ignores None values when other Geometry elements are present. If all elements of the given axis are None, an empty GeometryCollection is returned.

axisint, optional

Axis along which the operation is performed. The default (None) performs the operation over all axes, returning a scalar value. Axis may be negative, in which case it counts from the last to the first axis.


For other keyword-only arguments, see the NumPy ufunc.reduce docs.

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>>> from shapely import LineString
>>> line1 = LineString([(0, 0), (2, 2)])
>>> line2 = LineString([(1, 1), (3, 3)])
>>> intersection_all([line1, line2])
<LINESTRING (1 1, 2 2)>
>>> intersection_all([[line1, line2, None]], axis=1).tolist()
[<LINESTRING (1 1, 2 2)>]
>>> intersection_all([line1, None])
<LINESTRING (0 0, 2 2)>