line_interpolate_point(line, distance, normalized=False, **kwargs)#

Returns a point interpolated at given distance on a line.

lineGeometry or array_like

For multilinestrings or geometrycollections, the first geometry is taken and the rest is ignored. This function raises a TypeError for non-linear geometries. For empty linear geometries, empty points are returned.

distancefloat or array_like

Negative values measure distance from the end of the line. Out-of-range values will be clipped to the line endings.

normalizedbool, default False

If True, the distance is a fraction of the total line length instead of the absolute distance.


See NumPy ufunc docs for other keyword arguments.


>>> from shapely import LineString, Point
>>> line = LineString([(0, 2), (0, 10)])
>>> line_interpolate_point(line, 2)
<POINT (0 4)>
>>> line_interpolate_point(line, 100)
<POINT (0 10)>
>>> line_interpolate_point(line, -2)
<POINT (0 8)>
>>> line_interpolate_point(line, [0.25, -0.25], normalized=True).tolist()
[<POINT (0 4)>, <POINT (0 8)>]
>>> line_interpolate_point(LineString(), 1)