Geometry creation

Geometry creation#

points(coords[, y, z, indices, handle_nan, out])

Create an array of points.

linestrings(coords[, y, z, indices, ...])

Create an array of linestrings.

linearrings(coords[, y, z, indices, ...])

Create an array of linearrings.

polygons(geometries[, holes, indices, out])

Create an array of polygons.

multipoints(geometries[, indices, out])

Create multipoints from arrays of points

multilinestrings(geometries[, indices, out])

Create multilinestrings from arrays of linestrings

multipolygons(geometries[, indices, out])

Create multipolygons from arrays of polygons

geometrycollections(geometries[, indices, out])

Create geometrycollections from arrays of geometries

box(xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax[, ccw])

Create box polygons.

prepare(geometry, **kwargs)

Prepare a geometry, improving performance of other operations.

destroy_prepared(geometry, **kwargs)

Destroy the prepared part of a geometry, freeing up memory.

empty(shape[, geom_type, order])

Create a geometry array prefilled with None or with empty geometries.