area(geometry, **kwargs)

Computes the area of a (multi)polygon.

distance(a, b, **kwargs)

Computes the Cartesian distance between two geometries.

bounds(geometry, **kwargs)

Computes the bounds (extent) of a geometry.

total_bounds(geometry, **kwargs)

Computes the total bounds (extent) of the geometry.

length(geometry, **kwargs)

Computes the length of a (multi)linestring or polygon perimeter.

hausdorff_distance(a, b[, densify])

Compute the discrete Hausdorff distance between two geometries.

frechet_distance(a, b[, densify])

Compute the discrete Fréchet distance between two geometries.

minimum_clearance(geometry, **kwargs)

Computes the Minimum Clearance distance.

minimum_bounding_radius(geometry, **kwargs)

Computes the radius of the minimum bounding circle that encloses an input geometry.