Set operations

Set operations#

difference(a, b[, grid_size])

Returns the part of geometry A that does not intersect with geometry B.

intersection(a, b[, grid_size])

Returns the geometry that is shared between input geometries.

intersection_all(geometries[, axis])

Returns the intersection of multiple geometries.

symmetric_difference(a, b[, grid_size])

Returns the geometry that represents the portions of input geometries that do not intersect.

symmetric_difference_all(geometries[, axis])

Returns the symmetric difference of multiple geometries.

unary_union(geometries[, grid_size, axis])

Returns the union of multiple geometries.

union(a, b[, grid_size])

Merges geometries into one.

union_all(geometries[, grid_size, axis])

Returns the union of multiple geometries.

coverage_union(a, b, **kwargs)

Merges multiple polygons into one.

coverage_union_all(geometries[, axis])

Returns the union of multiple polygons of a geometry collection.